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ExpertSystem XL

  • High sensitivity and quick response time
  • Fast assembly and easy installation
  • Attractive appearance for seamless integration into gate/door design

Modular pressure-sensitive edge system for gate applications

Safety edges on automatic gates and doors prevent people from becoming injured and vehicles from sustaining damage.They need to spring into action the instant they are required, deforming until the gate drive is able to stop the dangerous movement. With this in mind, ExpertSystem XL products deliver quick response times and are designed for maximum overtravel and flexible plasticity. Not only does it meet normative requirements, but ExpertSystem XL also boasts a fully concealed carrier profile that enables it to blend discreetly into ambitious gate designs. The material they are made from, EPDM, is highly durable and maintains its mechanical and colour-fast properties over many years. ExpertSystem XL pressure-sensitive edges are tailor-made for your requirements: they can be either preassembled as products cut to length, supplied in kits at a standard length of 2 m, or provided as a modular system for simple self-assembly.


More about ExpertSystem – The comprehensive safety solution for gates and door systems

Highly sensitive

Thanks to the innovative profile cross-section and short contact travel, ExpertSystem XL pressure-sensitive edges respond even at low power levels. ExpertSystem XL profiles possess large effective activation areas and angles – essential for devices such as folding gates.


The plug-in contact end pieces allow ExpertSystem XL safety edges to be assembled in a matter of minutes. The trigger-safe screw-fit plug connections and plug-on profile end caps also ensure very short assembly times on the gate or door – even while servicing is being performed.


The extended overtravel makes it possible to choose the smallest available profile height for the application. ExpertSystem XL profiles cover the aluminium profile fully and can be integrated discreetly into ambitious gate designs.

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