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Railway carriage with open door

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  • Controlled access systems for public transport
  • Protection for crushing and shearing points

Safe access systems for public transport

Whether on a train, tram, bus or cable car: passenger safety is always paramount, both for vehicle manufacturers and operators. BBC Bircher Smart Access offers a tailor-made detector system to reliably protect crushing and shearing points in every application.

Maximum protection for access systems


Doors on rail vehicles need to have robust and durable protection systems. By using a combination of safety edges and step mats, along with pressure wave switches or presence detectors, the required level of safety can be achieved on outer doors that close quickly and with great force.

The tried-and-tested pressure wave switch, in conjunction with our safety edges, protects passengers from unwanted closing procedures on many bus doors.

Particularly challenging are safety edges for doors that have been adapted to the shape of a vehicle or cable car, since these may be exposed to highly variable environmental factors. Infrared detectors inside the cab serve as pulse generators for all kinds of application.

The following products are ideally suited to this application area:


Microwave motion detectors
Merkur 2
PrimeMotion B
PrimeMotion C
ArtMotion 2

Active infrared motion detectors


Pressure wave technology
Pressure wave switches

Electric contact mat systems
Contact mats

Electrical safety edges
ExpertSystem XL
Safety edges


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