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Revolving door in modern architecture

Revolving door –
detector technology that
won't get you in a spin

  • Moving collision protection ensures smooth operation
  • Quick detection of people and objects

Detectors for Revolving doors

Infrared or microwave motion detectors sense any moving object and forward the pulse to activate the revolving door directly. Contact mats laid in the door area reliably monitor every movement of the door and ensure that it always revolves properly.

In addition, we recommend mounting safety edges on the closing edges to make sure that both people and animals benefit from the highest possible level of safety. 

Protection and activation of revolving doors


The following products are ideally suited to this application area:


Microwave motion detectors
Merkur 2
PrimeMotion B
PrimeMotion C

Passive infrared motion detectors
PIR 20
PIR 30

Active infrared motion detectors

Combined microwave motion and presence detectors
PrimeTec A
PrimeTec B

Electrical contact mat system
Contact mats
Switching devices


Safety mats brochure
Application solutions



Active infrared presence detectors

Light barrier

Electrical safety edge system
ExpertSystem XL
Safety edges

Wireless signal transmission system
ExpertSystem XRF

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