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Different devices of the Gate signal transmission system

Signal transmission

  • Wear-free signal transmission
  • Several safety edges can be monitored safely and reliably with just one device

Electrical signal transmission – radio and wired

During signal evaluation on automatic gates, information regarding the status of safety edges is transmitted to the switching device securely and contact-free via radio or wired. This switching device monitors the safety edges that emit signals for actuation and interrupts.

Radio signal transmission

The radio signal transmission system is primarily used in the field of automatic gates.

The status of safety edges, which are fixed to the mobile part of the gate, is transmitted contact-free via a secure, bidirectional radio link to the switching device, where the opening or closing pulse is triggered immediately.

Depending on your application and needs, you can select either the one-channel or one of the two-channel variants.

The following products are based on radio technology:

       ExpertSystem XRF

Wired evaluation

Switching devices monitor the contact mats and safety edges for actuation and interrupts. These connected sensors with a terminating resistor of 8.2 kOhm are monitored for a change in the quiescent current. If the sensor is actuated, the total resistance drops, which causes a defined switching threshold to be undershot. The status LED lights up and the switching operation is triggered immediately.

The following products are based on wired signal transmission:

      Switching devices

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