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ArtMotion 2 – customised

The detector manufacturer BBC Bircher Smart Access is now designing the ArtMotion 2 to meet customer requirements. Regardless of whether something subtle or something eye-catching, the detector blends seamlessly into challenging door structures thanks to its custom design. BBC Bircher Smart Access now provides ArtMotion 2 in the complete RAL colour range. On request, client logos can be printed onto the front of the device to highlight brands perfectly.


Simple, reliable, practical

The ArtMotion 2 microwave motion detector quickly and reliably activates every sliding door, telescopic sliding door and revolving door. The ArtMotion 2 is also particularly suited to both tall and wide doors thanks to the adjustable field geometry of up to 4.8 m. The radar module can also be titled, and has a maximum mounting height of 4 m. As a result, just one detector per side is enough to ensure an optimum flow of people – even for wide doors. Its robust IP54 housing, which is protected against spray water, makes it the ideal detector for a wide range of applications.


Extendable range of functions

In addition to the design, the technical functions of the ArtMotion 2 motion detector can be adapted to subsequent applications. Due to slow motion detection, or SMD for short, even slow movements are picked up. With this additional function, a speed of just 0.03 m/s is enough to trigger a signal to the control. Slow motion detection is particularly useful in hospitals, clinics and retirement homes. Cross traffic masking also recognises when people are just going past the door, thus avoiding mis-tripping, which saves energy.


ArtMotion 2