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BBC Bircher completes the CleanSwitch range

CleanSwitch - now with even more accessories

BBC Bircher Smart Access is bringing out additional accessories for the CleanSwitch hygiene switch. A black front cover, wall seal and surface-mounted box round out the range of BBC Bircher’s most recent Red Dot award-winner. This means that CleanSwitch can now replace the previous pendant Cleanscan. BBC Bircher is planning to cease deliveries of Cleanscan at the end of 2018. Cleanscan customers will receive more detailed information about this in the third quarter of 2018.

CleanSwitch has been specially developed for use in areas with strict hygiene requirements. It activates entrance points using a contact-free method – a deliberate gesture made by the user – and prevents the spread of pathogens in a simple and efficient manner. The front of the detector can be treated with standard cleaning agents and disinfectants without damaging the material. CleanSwitch’s attractive, clean design can be adapted to individual customers using its coloured LED feedback and imprinted pictograms or logos.

CleanSwitch cover also available in black
BBC Bircher is now also offering a black front cover which is specially designed for use on dark surfaces. The pictograms to go with it will then be printed in white accordingly. The cover for the black version is also resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Wall seal available as standard
For an even cleaner performance on surfaces with demanding hygiene requirements, BBC Bircher now provide an additional wall seal with the front cover in the same colour. As a result, CleanSwitch completely seals the narrow gap between the device and the wall, thus preventing dirt from getting in and accumulating. The silicon seal also evens out minor imperfections on the surface, i.e. the wall structure or plaster. CleanSwitch covers are delivered with the seal at no extra charge.

A surface-mounted box to complete the range
The new CleanSwitch surface-mounted box will make the subsequent automation of doors incredibly easy.  The surface-mounted box is available now in both black and white to match the front covers. CleanSwitch also meets the requirements of protection class IP65 for wall mounting.


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