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Bircher Reglomat becomes BBC Bircher Smart Access

Bircher makes access systems smart

  • BBC Group business unit renamed
  • New, Group-wide corporate design unveiled
  • Existing names of legal entities remain unchanged for the moment


As of 1 December the Bircher Reglomat business unit of the BBC Group unveil its new name, which will be BBC Bircher Smart Access from then on. In doing so, Bircher will disassociate itself from the Reglomat AG side of its branding, which was acquired in 2001, and integrate “BBC” as its umbrella brand. Bircher specifically markets itself as part of a strong group of companies that seeks to intensify its cooperation further still going forward. And with this new, Group-wide corporate design, its ambitions will be made all the more clear.


Smart Access

The objective of the new, third brand level – known as “Smart Access” – is clear: BBC Bircher Smart Access is synonymous with innovative sensor systems designed to make access to and within buildings and vehicles not only more secure, but also more intelligent, hygienic, accessible and sustainable. Quite simply, Bircher makes access systems smart. Its team of experts around the world combines state-of-the-art technology with knowledge and experience. This provides Bircher with the foundations it needs to offer tailor-made detector solutions for access points to handle the growing flows of people and traffic around the world.


Implementing the new corporate design

All logos have been given a facelift, layouts have been freshened up, and design elements standardised. All communication channels are now gradually being adapted in line with the new corporate identity. The company website will be making the transition a few days earlier for technical reasons. All Bircher contacts will still be available at their usual e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.