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Click-in instead of press-in

Safety edges ExpertSystem XL from BBC Bircher Smart Access now even easier to install

Thanks to improved foot geometry, the safety strips of the first generation of the ExpertSystem XL – with the profile heights 49, 74 and 99 mm – are now as easy and effortless to install as those of the newer generation.


With six profile heights, variants with an additional sealing lip, high-performance radio transmission and extensive accessories, the ExpertSystem XL from BBC Bircher Smart Access offers a comprehensive portfolio of switch strips for securing automatic gates. As soon as people, animals, vehicles or other moving objects get into the movement area of a gate, the security switch strips switch reliably and quickly, so that the potentially dangerous movement can be stopped and reversed. The ExpertSystem XL is used, for example, on sliding gates, swing gates and folding gates, but also on vertically moving gates and revolving doors.


Watch the video to see how easy it is to mount switching profiles


Small change, big impact


Each security switch strip of BBC Bircher Smart Access basically consists of an aluminum support profile and the corresponding EPDM switch profile at the selected height. When mounting the first-generation switch strips – i.e. the XL-CP49A, XL-CP74A and XL-CP99A profiles – a greater amount of force and, sometimes, an additional tool was required to mount the switch profile on the carrier profile.


With the "Easy Click-In" project, it has now been possible to transfer the easier mountability of the second-generation profiles – XL-CP42 as well as XL-CP56 and XL-CP80 – to the above-mentioned first-generation switch strips. Thanks to the significantly changed geometry in detail, a better fit was achieved, so that the shift profiles now simply "click-in" with little effort. However, easier assembly does not have a detrimental effect on detachability – both components remain permanently and securely connected to each other.


Quick and easy installation across all variants


After the successful completion of the pilot XL-CP49A, the delivery of the improved version of this profile to the customers has already begun. The facelift for XL-CP74A and XL-CP99A is also nearing completion; delivery will begin during the month of October. Thanks to high sensitivity, consistently soft deformation and the wireless signal transmission ExpertSystem XRF, more and more customers worldwide rely on the security switch strips of the ExpertSystem XL for their gate securing devices.


Dietmar Hosp, Product Manager at BBC Bircher Smart Access, concludes: "We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a uniform portfolio of high-performance security strips with the best reliability for easy and effortless assembly. This also applies to all customer-specific variants and will lead to enormous time savings, especially in series production."


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