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CleanAccess for swing doors

BBC Bircher expands its solution portfolio!

CleanAccess – the comprehensive opening concept for your swing doors, consisting of a low-energy drive and either the contact-free CleanSwitch or the microwave motion detectors Merkur 2 and PrimeMotion B.

These days, hygiene and concerns about bacteria and virus transmission pose major challenges to a large number of individuals and businesses. CleanAccess is the answer from BBC Bircher Smart Access to these increasing demands. CleanAccess allows you to open swing doors hygienically and contact-free – without touching a single door handle. Because hygiene is an important first step in prevention.

Due to the compact product dimensions (400 x 52 x 72 mm) and individual adjustment to customer requirements, CleanAccess can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Easy installation

The door drive is commissioned using the integrated auto-learning function. The low-energy drive automatically adjusts to the relevant physical conditions. This means that important parameters are automatically detected, such as the closing force or the opening speed. The low weight of the drive (2.4 kg) also allows for easy installation by just one person.


Complete solutions from a single source

The sensors and switches can be combined individually, meaning that all specific customer requirements can be met. CleanAccess is compatible with badge systems, motor locks, key switches and timers. 

In the corresponding app, the most important parameters can be adjusted easily, quickly and individually. 

The CleanAccess system from BBC Bircher – an intelligent and modern access solution for your high hygiene requirements.


CleanAccess will be available from 01.03.2021 in Switzerland.


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