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RFGate 2 wireless signal transmission system

RFGate 2

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Zero-compromise safety with performance level PLc, cat. 2 in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1

RFGate 2 wireless signal transmission system

RFGate 2 – radio signal transmission system for safety edges on roller gates, sectional doors and folding doors

The RFGate 2 systems transmit the status of pressure-sensitive safety edges mounted on the mobile part of the gate securely and contact-free. Information is wirelessly transmitted to the switching device. Simply program, fit, switch on – and off you go!

Depending on the application, you can choose either the one-channel or the two-channel version.

RFGate 2 provides a simple and wear-free option for radio signal transmission.

More on the technology

RFGate signal transmission system on the vertical door with wicket door protection

Use on a sectional door with wicket door

The RFGate 2.2.NG two-channel solution monitors the wicket door at the same time as the safety edge. The flat transmitter can be easily integrated into the gate element.  

RFGate 2.1.W2.S radio transmitter for wicket doors

The RFGate 2.1.W2.S transmitter is used specifically on industrial doors with wicket doors. When the door is open, a signal is generated and transmitted to the control system, which then stops the gate immediately. 

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